7/17/18 – The roads on the south side had just been repaved following the Washington Gas project and sure enough, new survey and utility markings are being made on the pavement.  Bob Gross was in touch with several groups and this is what we found out.  Bob has asked them why this project needs to be done when WSSC last did a major project in this area within the past 10 years or so. 

7/17/18  From WSSC Government Relations Manager to a representative from Roger Berliner’s office 

I apologize for the confusion related to the Devilwood Drive water main replacement project. Based on our review of the water main breaks in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, WSSC initiated a design project for this neighborhood. The initial design kickoff meeting was held just last week. The new Project Manager, in an abundance of caution, asked the design contractor to place door hangers in advance of the initial engineering survey work to try to avoid confusion by residents. Unfortunately, this created more confusion as we typically only place door hangers prior to construction.

The design is expected to be completed in 2019-2020 with construction starting in 2020-2021 at the very earliest. WSSC prides itself in restoring roads to top notch condition when it performs water main replacement work and that will definitely be the case for this project as well. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you or the homeowners association have any additional questions.

7/17/18 From Montgomery County Permitting and Code Enforcement Inspector to Bob Gross 

The newly paved roads will not be impacted. When WSSC starts to think about a project, they always look on the moratorium list which shows newly paved roadways. This neighborhood was placed on the moratorium list yesterday. This project is currently in the design and planning phases.

To try and simplify the process… when someone wants to build a house, they have to design and plan it. Take survey of the land. Locate the utilities. Get plans drawn up and design the house. Have an idea of what you want to spend. Get estimates or bids for doing the work. Get permits. All of this is done prior to the start of construction and typically takes longer than the actual construction process. It’s similar with the WSSC mainline projects. A lot of planning and design go into it before anything even happens. With that being said… WSSC is now aware that a lot of streets are under moratorium and they will not touch those streets for a minimum of 3 years, at which time the streets are no longer covered under the moratorium requirements. WSSC is re-evaluating this job and may decide to replace the mainline only on the streets that were not recently paved. They may even cancel this entire project, or they may postpone it for a few years. Please understand that what’s going on in the Devilwood neighborhood at this time is only planning and designing. By marking the utilities and surveying the streets in the entire neighborhood (this includes the newly paved roads and the old roads) will help them better determine what route they will take.

As for the full width mill/overlay. It depends on the scope of their work as well as what Montgomery County requires. I can not give you reassurance because nobody even knows what work is going to take place at this time…. they are currently planning it.