Feb 2019 – On the north side, WSSC is working on water main installation and when the weather warms up, they will be reinstalling above-ground bypass pipes and will then install permanent household connections to the new water main.  WSSC says to expect the construction to last well into 2019.  WSSC will then repave the streets after the work is done.  At the next annual meeting, we plan to form a group to lobby the County to repave all the streets on the North Side, not just those where work is being done.  If this issue is important to you, please come to the meeting—we will need your help.  In two years, WSSC also plans to replace the main waterlines on the south side and dig up some of the streets that were just repaved (e.g., a significant portion of Devilwood and Jubal Early).  WSSC will also be replacing a pipe runs under Montrose Road.  MSCA will do its best to make sure that those streets are restored back to the condition they were in.  See project map