Montgomery Square Citizens Association Board Meeting:  Minutes from July 25, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm on July 25, 2019 at the home of President and CEO, Bob Gross, and was attended by Steve Schuck (Vice President), David Grossman (Treasurer), Jane Acri (Secretary), and new Social Chair, Patrice Ju. 

Much of the meeting was spent informing Patrice about past social events, block parties, ice cream socials, and the many activities of the MSCA, and learning about some of her professional, personal, and civic activities.  One highlight is that she moderates a Facebook group of 7500 members who are local mothers in the Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville area, and she has many contacts, including a magazine editor (Potomac Living), who may be willing to feature a story on our successful tree planting campaign.  Her contacts, expertise, activities, and enthusiasm will clearly be assets to the association.

The issue of an increase in dues was discussed.  Reading from Article II of the MSCA Constitution, Bob said that any change in dues must be fixed on or before October 1 and approved by six members of the board.  There followed a vote of the five members present and one in absentia (Michael Leshner) to raise the dues from $50/household to $75/household.  This has also been discussed at the annual meeting on May 20, and at that time, the question was put to a vote with 25 members in favor of raising dues and two opposed.

The National Night Out event on Tuesday, August 6 was discussed, but it was concluded that there is not enough time to organize anything. 

The Block Party is usually held in October, and the two dates discussed that would avoid both religious and secular holidays were October 6 and October 27.  Patrice agreed to meet with Vasilia Contos who has extensive experience in planning and organizing the MSCA block parties to select a date and begin planning.  Patrice had several creative ideas on how to increase participation through promoting the block party and including some additional features, including the establishment of a MSCA Facebook group.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.  Follow up action items were:

1. Patrice will connect with Vasilia to begin planning the October block party

2. Patrice will create and moderate a public Facebook group for MSCA

3. Patrice will contact Potomac Living magazine to assess their interest publishing a piece about the tree planting program that MSCA participates in

4.  Dues invoices to be prepared and sent in December will be for $75.00/household

5.  MSCA volunteers will publish more information about the expenses that the dues cover